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Inculcating rich heritage in the hearts of millions!

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Inculcating rich heritage in the hearts of millions!

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Who We Are

A not-for-profit foundation embarked on a journey to
preserve and promote the language, literature, and cultural heritage
of the Indian sub-continent.


About Founder

hai kahan tamanna ka dusra qadam ya rab
ham ne dasht-e-imkan ko ek naqsh-e-pa paaya

This couplet by Mirza Ghalib captures the journey of Sanjiv Saraf in all its essence. Sanjiv Saraf is an industrialist, entrepreneur, investor, author and patron of literary & cultural heritage. Recipient of the Sir Syed Excellence National Award, Sanjiv Saraf has dedicated himself to preserving and promoting the Urdu language in India and beyond by establishing Rekhta Foundation. What started as one man’s passion cultivated into a movement, a revolution to work extensively to preserve texts and propagate the language professionally.

Sanjiv has authored several books including
Golden Verses Golden Voices, gvgv Nava-e-Sarosh navaesarosh & Love Longing Loss in Urdu Poetry.lovebooks


Our Projects

Striving for excellence in preserving Indian languages and nourishing the cultural traditions and literature from all across the nation.

Democratizing Access

Making treasures of literature and language available to all


Digitizing literary heritage by offering access to rare books & manuscripts


Developing new-age learning resources for language enthusiasts


Bringing together language, literature, art and culture

Our Initiatives

Discover initiatives that are making a difference and leaving a
positive social impact on people's lives.


World's largest website for Urdu language & literature


Celebrating Urdu & its rich cultural heritage

Rekhta Books

A marketplace for Urdu & Hindi books

Rekhta Dictionary

A trilingual glossary of Urdu words


An exclusive website for Hindi language & literature

Hindwi Dictionary

An extended glossary of Hindi words

Rekhta Learning

An e-learning Urdu script & vocabulary portal

Anjas Rajasthani

An online repository of Rajasthani language & literature

Anjas Mahotsav

The first-ever festival, devoted to Rajasthani language

Rekhta Publications logo

Rekhta Publications

Rekhta Foundation's
in-house multilingual book publishing venture

Rekhta Gujarati

An exclusive website for Gujarati language, literature & culture


A feature-rich website dedicated to Sufi-bhakti tradition

Rekhta Podcast

A virtual audio space for Urdu language enthusiasts

Rekhta Productions

Celebrity talk shows, interviews, ghazal, mushaira, etc.

Rekhta E-books

A virtual library of over one Lakh free eBooks

Rekhta Rauzan

A quarterly Urdu literary magazine.


A library with Urdu rhyming dictionary in various scripts


Taking Urdu art & culture to different parts of the country


A cultural rendezvous for music & poetry lovers

Celebrating Languages

Join our mission to ensure a vibrant, multilingual future.