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Corporate partnerships have the potential to not only help brands achieve their CSR objectives, but also facilitate sustainable development within the Indian culture and heritage sector.

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The Rekhta Foundation, being a non-profit organization, relies on funding partners to sustain both core operations and projects. We are fortunate to have aligned partners who share the belief that understanding our common heritage enriches everyone's lives. The Rekhta Foundation complies with CSR regulations and aligns with the Indian CSR Act 135, schedule 7(v), focusing on the preservation of national heritage.

By supporting the Rekhta Foundation, corporates can foster an ecosystem and environment that will be conducive to preserve Indian literature, languages and culture, democratize information access, promote language learning, and foster appreciation for Indian heritage and culture.

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Corporations and businesses now have the opportunity to engage with the Rekhta Foundation to fulfill their CSR objectives. They can actively contribute and CARE (Collaborate, Amplify, Rejuvenate, Empower) for our culture and heritage by participating in specific projects."

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Digital Archives of Literature - Preserving a Cultural treasure

Digitization projects are the custodians of our heritage, reviving its wisdom for everyone to embrace. They connect the past and future, promoting inclusivity and fostering a shared legacy of knowledge.


Books Digitisted

58 Million

Pages Digitised


High definition scanners deployed


Dedicated Human Resource engaged

26 Centres

of operations (libraries/institutions)

Support universal and open access of knowledge and information

Enable a world where barriers dissolve and information becomes a resource accessible to every individual, empowering them to learn, grow, and contribute to a brighter, inclusive future.


Languages and its associated cultures


Digital comprehensive dictionaries




Literary works(prose/poetry etc)

Rekhta Online Learning Programs

Invest in learning resources to cultivate an environment where individuals can acquire knowledge and skills, leading to understanding, enriched collective memory, and ultimately contributing to a thriving, creative economy.


Language learning courses


Language learners

Strengthen the propagation and recognition of our cultural heritage and artistic legacy.

Offering diverse mediums for three dimensional experience and engagements

10 Million

Lives touched


Audio Visual programs


Annual festivals


Polyplex Corporation Limited

Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd

Indorama Corporation

Trolex India Pvt. Ltd.

BFL Investments And Financial Consultant

Nouvelle Securities Private Limited

Help us sustain our mission!

Creating a world where Indian language, literature, art, and culture will remain instilled in the hearts and minds of people till eternity.