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Who We Are

Rekhta Foundation, a not-for-profit social impact organization; established in 2012, is devoted to promoting language & literature of the Indian subcontinent and preserving its rich & varied cultural heritage. The foundation perceives its role as a catalyst in revitalizing cultural sensitivity in contemporary times.

Since its inception, the foundation has undertaken various projects which have received a widespread acknowledgment, accolades, and credibility. The foundation commenced its journey with the launch of the website, which has grown to become the world’s largest online repository of Urdu poetry and e-books. Rekhta is read in nearly 160 countries, and its follower count is increasing with each passing day.

The foundation broadly works under these categories

Democratizing Access

Making treasures of literature and language available to all


Digitizing literary heritage by offering access to rare books & manuscripts


Developing new-age learning resources for language enthusiasts


Bringing together language, literature, art and culture

These projects have become the benchmark for the foundation that holds out a vast repository of Urdu, Hindi, Rajasthani and Sufi literature written by legendary poets and authors.

A Trilingual Dictionary and online courses were also developed as learning platforms for all Urdu language enthusiasts. One of the most celebrated programs is Jashn-e-Rekhta, a three-day cultural festival. It has become the world’s largest gathering for a language, with over two hundred thousand footfall to celebrate the spirit of Urdu.

Between 2023 and 2024, Rekhta Foundation achieved remarkable success with a series of large-scale programs, setting new standards in language promotion. These included Hindwi Utsav, Jashn-e-Rekhta London, Jashn-e-Rekhta India, Jashn-e-Rekhta Dubai, the launch event for Rekhta Gujarati, and the unveiling of the Rekhta Kidz App.

Our Brands

Preserving Urdu Literature

A Trilingual Dictionary

Preserving Hindi Literature

An Online Hindi Dictionary

An online Urdu learning platform

A Three-day Festival, Celebrating Urdu

A Treasure of Sufi Literature

A Marketplace for Urdu & Hindi Books

Preserving Rajasthani Oral Traditions & Literature

Preserving Gujarati Language, Literature & Culture

Help us sustain our mission!

Creating a world where Indian language, literature, art, and culture will remain instilled in the hearts and minds of people till eternity.