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Our Projects

Striving for excellence in preserving Indian languages and nourishing the cultural traditions and
literature from all across the nation.


Making treasures of literature and language available to all

URDU is the largest platform and resource for all Urdu enthusiasts, where they can access a wide range of Urdu poetry and literature. We strive to strengthen the roots of Urdu literature in the public consciousness by preserving this language.

HINDI is open access to Devnagri script for all the Hindi language lovers. It is a platform where one can find a plethora of Hindi poems and prose, legendary poets, stories, and a lot more. It is a rich source of information for all Devnagri enthusiasts.

SUFISM brings together a vast and dispersed literature of the great Sufi saints of the Indian sub-continent. We aim to achieve the twin objective of not only assisting the nescient but also ensuring that all the greats are available in one place for easy readership. 

RAJASTHANI is an online repository of textual and oral knowledge systems of Rajasthan. To preserve the richness of this language and make it accessible online, we aim to make it easy for people to read it at one place. It is the first and the most comprehensive repository of its kind in Rajasthani.


Digitizing literary heritage by offering access to rare books & manuscripts


Rekhta e-books is an online library with over a million free E-Books and manuscripts in genres like drama, poetry, and biographies. A large number of volunteers have worked together to make this possible, allowing millions of users to read it anytime, anywhere. 


Developing new-age learning resources for language enthusiasts


Rasm-ul-Khat is an e-learning platform under Aamozish, that teaches unconventional ways to write Urdu. It is a unique course that includes videos, animations, and detailed breakdowns of the Urdu script, illustrating how it is written visually.


Alfaaz is the world's first Urdu vocabulary-learning course that teaches contemporary methods of reading. One can master fundamental Urdu words through comprehensive understanding with accurate audio pronunciations and contextual meanings followed by their usage in couplets.


Rekhta Dictionary is a trilingual treasure of Urdu words, that is designed as a resourceful tool for researchers, poetry lovers, and general readers, irrespective of their familiarity with Urdu script. We have also launched Hindwi Dictionary, a comprehensive dictionary of Hindi words, meanings, definitions, and parts of speech.


Bringing together language, literature, art and culture


A category where various book series, stories, magazines, etc., have been introduced in Urdu & Hindi scripts. Today's readers have benefitted from a classic collection of books readily available at the click of a button.  

MARKETPLACE is a marketplace and a platform that hosts thousands of books in a variety of categories and scripts, making it easy for millions of readers to find their favorite books in one place.


A team of professional and passionate individuals, arranging large-scale events like Hindwi Utsav, Jashn-e-Rekhta & Anjas Mahotsav, hosting thousands of visitors under one roof each year. This number is predicted to exceed 10 lakh in the near future.

Help us sustain our mission!

Creating a world where Indian language, literature, art, and culture will remain instilled in the hearts and minds of people till eternity.